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Vazam as listas dos Achimevents do Call of Duty Black Ops


"Activision: Call of Duty " é a franquia mais vendida da história da indústria dos videos-jogos. Ele vem como nenhuma surpresa que qualquer pedaço de informação sobre o último episódio da série é considerado "uma grande notícia." Hoje, temos uma lista completa de conquistas, troféus oferecidos em Black Ops 2 . A lista possui 50 conquistas. Tenha em mente que esta lista é boato puro, mas a Activision já removeu o vídeo que tinha vazado a conquista. 

(Se não quiser estragar algumas surpresas não leia as conquistas.)

A Seguir as conquistas 

Out of Africa- Complete Angola 
Rained Out - Complete Monsoon 
Afghan Rodeo - Complete Afghanistan 
It's not personal - Complete Nicaragua 
Waterlogged - Complete Pakistan 
What Happens in Colossus? - Complete Karma 
Bushwhacked - Complete Panama 
Deep Cover - Complete Yamen 
Just Getting' Started - Complete 1 Challenge in any level 
Full Ballot - Complete all challenges in a level 
GIANT accomplishment - Complete all challenges in game 
Futurist - Complete future levels in veteran 
Old Fashioned - Complete Angola, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Panama in Veteran 
Too Big to Fail - Complete Haiti 
Carmageddon - Complete LA 
Pleasure Cruise - Complete Command CTR 
Singapore Sling - Success in dockside 
Desert Storm - Success in Afghanistan 
Defender - Success in drone 
Smooth Sailing - Success in carrier 
Art of War - Success in Pakistan 
Blind Date - Success in Socotra 
Family Reunion - Story: Alex Mason lives again 
Hey Good looking - Story: Harper Face Good 
Back To Future - Use a future weapon in the past 
High IQ - Collect all Intel 
Good Karma - Story: Chloe hacks terminal USS Obama 
Ultimate Sacrifice - Harper survives Yemen 
Dead or Alive - Story: Mason kills or captures Menendez at the end of the game 
Ship Shape - Story: USS Obama survives 
Dirty Business - Story: Link CIA involvement and Krav interrogation 
Mad Men - Sotry: Farid and Defalco Duel 
The 99 Percent - Stop the brutality inflicted by PDF 
Gun Nut - Play a level with customized loadout 
No Score Left Behind - Min score 10k in every level 
Misc 1 
Misc 2 
Misc 3 
Misc 4 
Misc 5 
I Don't Think They Exist - In Transit, kill a screecher 
You Have No Power Over Me - In Transit, defeat the Avogadro without being attacked by it 
Standard Equipment May Vary - In Transit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game 
Dance On My Grave - In Transit, acquire your Tombstone 
Undead Man's Party Bus - In Transit, Complete all additions to the bus in 1 game 
The Lights Of Their Eyes - In Transit, Pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP 
Don't Fire Until You See - In Transit, have all doors opened without being set on fire 
Green Run Sidequest - Complete the green run sidequest 
Fuel Efficient - In Transit, use an alternative mode of transportation 
Happy Hour - In Transit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power 

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